35 Years of Experience in Seafood Trade & Production

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Magni Þór Geirsson

For 15 years, Magni ran a company in the UK dealing with all the major supermarkets as well as the food service segment and an operation in China in fish production. Magni also worked for several years in Germany as a sales manager dealing with the German, Scandinavian and Italian markets.

Currently operating Fishpro ehf exporting fish products and offering market consultation. Consultation work includes marketing Omega 3 fish oil and other health products with Amazon listings, exhibition planning and sales managing. Fishpro ehf has a turnover of 2–3 million euros.

“A fine example of a customer product development was when we packed Shell on prawns straight to retail packs onboard a freezer vessel resulting in reduced packing costs and adding better value for the client”

“ It wasn´t considered possible to smoke fish outside UK until we did some testing and eventually bought a kiln in UK and moved it to China and started to do retail smoked fish packed straight into retailers packs over there”

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